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Xcelerated Performance

Xcelerated Performance is a performance enhancement organization dedicated to teaching the components of successful training to athletes who will use this knowledge throughout their careers. Owner Patrick Gigante (KSI Coach, SSC, CPT) has over 10 years experience preparing athletes for elite competition in all sports at the collegiate and youth levels. With experience working with multiple NHL athletes and top collegiate lacrosse, hockey, football, soccer and baseball players, Patrick has the knowledge and ability to help you discover your true potential. While he enjoys working with his elite athlete’s, Patrick's true passion and excitement of his job lies within the development of young athletes; the main focus of Xcelerated Performance is to place young student athletes into top colleges, where kids can excel both in the classroom and on the playing fields. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Tufts University for the past 8 years, Pat has honed his ability to develop a student athlete and, coupled with a solid work ethic by the individual, has created a sound base for success in the near future and beyond.

Our Philosophy
At Xcelerated Performance we approach training from more than a physical preparation perspective. Our athletes are exposed to the entire training process incorporating the psychological, physical, technical, and tactical aspects of their sport. Individualized attention insures that our athletes overcome areas of deficiency to recognize their potential.

Our programs provide our athletes with
· Body awareness in the gym and in competition
· Knowledge of the physical demands for their sport
· Nutritional knowledge for performance and health
· Recovery methods to decrease injuries and allow for more rigorous training
· Psychological techniques to increase performance
· Methods to improve focus on the task at hand
· Technique to improve flexibility, strength, speed and endurance

While we pride ourselves in creating champions, our true goal is to educate our athletes so they can be successful over their sporting careers. If you are up to the challenge we will help you develop into the best athlete you can be.

Xcelerated Interview Process- Setting the Standard in Customized Athletic Training All athletes are required to participate in a free, 1-1 interview session with XP owner Patrick Gigante to create a customized program. Standard rate for an interview and customized year-round program for a year - $500. XP athletes work smart and not just hard. Anyone can improve physical strength; what separates an athlete from the pack is learning how mind and body function as one cohesive unit.
During the interview, we take a look into our athletes specific needs covering four different training components: technical, tactical, psychological, and physical skill levels. In the process, we formulate an individualized program to best suit our athletes specific needs.
Here at XP, we don’t shuffle kids in and out of our gym. Our goal is to educate our athletes, make them understand their bodies and themselves, which ultimately aids in injury prevention and self-motivation.

XP Small Group Training Philosophy
Groups are capped between 10-12 athletes per training group.
Allows for more individualized attention from staff within small setting.

1-1 Personal Training
- Offered 7 days a week.
Private gym setting.
Customized programs to meet personal goals, one which fits into your busy lifestyle.

Take - Home Programs
For those whose lifestyles don’t allow them the luxury of carving out gym time on a regular basis.
We can jointly create a program of varying time requirements and educate you to take XP on the road at your convenience.

XP Speed School
Speed can be broken down into 4 components: Reaction to a stimulus, agility and coordination, deceleration/ acceleration, and maximum velocity.
XP focuses on creating improvements in each component, ultimately creating an effective increase in overall speed.
Also within the program, XP educates athletes on a full-body flexibility routine, with the goal of reducing overall muscular tension and allowing the body to perform at its peak.

Adult Training
By popular demand, XP has created adult training programs for like-minded, competitive individuals.
Each adult goes through the same process as an XP athlete (personal interview and customized program).
Emphasis on core, body composition, flexibility, nutritional advice, and overall health.
Fun, athletic environment.
XP Strong Women
Private, controlled gym setting.
Personal instruction for like-minded women, creating a fun, collaborative training effort.
Focus on weight loss, body composition, core, and problem areas.

Setting a new standard in athletic training

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